Sydney Laneways

TERROIR have proposed a series of interventions for Sydney's laneways in collaboration with long-time collaborators Brett Boardman and John Vella.

A series of laneways were identified at the belly of Sydney’s CBD which, if activated, could add a whole new dimension and energy to this part of the city.

It was our view that for art to have a catalytic role in this invigoration an inanimate object or installation is not enough. Equally, if we are going to project forward and propose a future for these places, the work must avoid a sentimental fetishisation of history. Finally, we must avoid the impulse to Melburnanise these lanes. Sydney its own city and does not need more cafes and patisseries. We have our own opportunities.

These proposals promised a genuine an authentic set of re-invigorated laneways which respond to the character of Sydney and the gaps within the amenity of the city. The potential of the lanes to harbour activities which challenge society can also be harnessed in a series of new uses which build richness in the city without challenging its basic structure and operation.

A series of proposals as projections, speculations about new uses for these lanes align with their formal or spatial characteristics and historic associations but which firmly encourages new forms of occupation. Many of the

Australian landscape (underwood)        

Rather the dwell on the sentimentality of laneway factories and bars, recover what we really have lost – the Australian landscape, complete with kangaroos and wombats, occupies this dogleg lane.

Ferris wheel (bridge lane)

Look differently at your city.  A giant ferris wheel rotates taking you from the ground past the hotel rooms of the establishment to the rooftops of the city.

Pay per visit (Wynyard lane)

Encourage people to discover Sydney’s lanes.  Pay them.  Turnstiles at either end will control the flow of money.                                         

Permission lane (curtin, next to aust sq)             

Next to Australia where everything is forbidden, open up an opportunity for graffiti, skating and parkour in a controlled and defined environment.

Multi-cultural lane (Hamilton)   

Rather than consign ethnic groups to the city periphery, give over a lane to become a piece of Persia.

Melbourne lane (angel place)    

Encourage interstate tourism - give Mebournians a piece of their own city so they never felt like they left, and leave the other lanes for Sydney.  An Earl’s Court for Melbournians, entry only upon presentation of a Victorian driver’s licence


Childcare lane (de mestre place, via wynyard)

Drop your children off at the centre of the city, right outside Wynyard Station.

Bike parking (hunter st, sports club)

Consolidate cycle parking with a giant multi-level cycle station behind the Sport’s Club

Left Luggage lane (Abercrombie, near hotel)

Trouble storing luggage at airports and stations given the fear of terror?  Dump your bags in this laneway complete with baggage scanner and security guard.

Binge drinking (crane place, drinking stories rugby)

Rather than celebrate the drinking stories of old, make new ones.  As the home of rugby, this is the perfect lane to celebrate binge drinking and its aftermath.

Smokers lane (tank stream)

Smokers will never disappear.  Put them somewhere, celebrate smoking.  Like the plastic rooms in Asian airports, Tank Stream lane becomes a smoking haven for stressed brokers from the exchange next door.

Girl’s night out (Reiby Place)

In honour of Mary Reiby, this popular nightspot is augmented with security guards and safe lighting so women can visit The Basement and adjacent nightspots in comfort.