Danish Design at the House

Gerard Reinmuth was Head Curator of a major exhibition celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Sydney Opera House.  He was assisted by co-curator Karen Kjaergaard.

The exhibition opened as part of a weekend of events centred around a celebratory visit by the Danish Crown Prince couple, HRH Prince Frederik and HRH Princess Mary who attended the opening of the exhibition on October 25.

The exhibition features a cross section of Danish design innovations in a thematic structure which relates to the innovations which make the Opera House such a relevant and inspiring building today, some 40 years after its completion. 

The thematic structure also provided a frame to invite six young Danish architects to work on specific elements of the exhibition in collaboration with the curators: Materiality (Thomas Bo Jensen); Craft (CITA); Pragmatism (Claus Pryds); Human (Johannes Pedersen, NORD Architects); Technology (David Garcia, MAP Architects); Desire (Mette Weinberg).

Some of the press announcing the project can be found from the Opera House here, the Guardian Newspaper here and an announcement here in Danish from the Danish Royal Court.