Ned Kelly Centre

TERROIR (with Hirst Projects + Thylacine) completed a feasibility study for the Ned Kelly Interpretive Centre in Glenrowan, for the Rural City of Wangaratta in June 2012.

The study evaluated the opportunity to develop a nationally significant Glenrowan interpretive centre based around all elements of the Ned Kelly uprising. 

The Bushranger Ned Kelly was one of the most recognised and controversial figures of Australian history.  The team assessed and made recommendations on activities and functional design for an economically viable nationally significant tourist and interpretation centre. Management models, consideration of mutually beneficial new partnerships and future funding opportunities were also identified.

The design proposal took advantage of the natural characteristics of a corner of an open park fronting the town’s main street, which afforded views to significant sites; The capture site, siege site and railway platform.  Drawing on accounts of observers gathering within the trees during the siege, and Ned Kelly’s strong association with the ‘bush’, the Ned Kelly Interpretive Centre provides public space and facilities and sequence of galleries centred on the key sites. 

The study produced a viable proposal for a nationally significant tourism product which could produce economic benefits for the broader region of Victoria.  The Rural City of Wangaratta is currently exploring opportunities to seek seeking the support from of both the Victorian Government and Australian Government in assisting with a making a capital investment that will build on the legacy of this unique element of Australian folklore.